There is a point when I’m eating a banana, that I don’t want to peel it anymore. So I kind of just squish the remaining banana out.

That’s me. 

Is it ok to send myself flowers for Valentines Day?
Can you fall in love with somebody based on their tumblr posts?
Is it ok to go on a Honeymoon by yourself?

Yolanda, one of my best friends, and I have been working in the same building for the past 1.5 years. We rarely see each other, but now that we have been using g-chat, it is like we work in the same office and it’s hilarious!!!

I have no big plans this weekend. Tomorrow I get my oil change and then take the kiddos to watch Frozen and Sunday is another trip to Disneyland!!!

Casually planning my wedding to the man I have yet to meet.
Everything is doomed because I don’t have a BA

So yesterday I ruined the microwave we have at work trying to “bake” a sweet potato. We bought a new one and here I am today, trying it again. Wish me luck.

Trying to breathe because I have an extreme headache. I just got to work and have absolutely zero motivation to start anything because my head hurts so much. I want to get up to go get a glass of water, but even that seems difficult. It is going to be a very long week and I’m sad.