Fat knuckles and Princess Peach nails.  #notd #jolienails #personal  (at Jolie Nails)

Back when I was a child and saw movies like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, I wanted to be an Archaeologist or Paleontologist. I remember thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea because by the time I’m an adult, all the “good stuff” would be discovered. I regret not blossoming. 

Since 6th grade, I fell in love with love. And what more to represent love but weddings. And thus began my “journey” to becoming a wedding planner. I have my entire wedding planned out and I haven’t even met the “One” (if he exists). But wedding planning is not a stable job. It is one of those networking industry type jobs. So that too is something I did not blossom in.

Now I really want to teach English in Korea. Every day I learn more and more about Korean culture and food and the people (not just K-idols) and I want to be able to teach English and live alone in Korea. But I’m finding it difficult to begin the process. First I have to have a BA AND my teaching credentials. I am no where near accomplishing that. Second, there is no way I can accomplish everything quickly since I must continue working full time at my current job in order to help support my family. By the time I do meet all the requirements, I fear I will 30+ years old. 

I know I am still young, 24 is still young, but will I be stuck in this job that pushes me around forever? I know we should have dreams and obtainable goals, but are some goals meant to be dreams forever?


Mexican Life! #raspado #mexicanlife #cherry #bubblegum #personal
'MERICA NAILS!!! #nailart #merica #jolienails #personal  (at Jolie Nails)
Hanging out with my Queen, Freddie Mercury!  #Queen #FreddieMercury #personal
Yesterday was my last day at Disneyland. I’m blocked out until the end of summer. (°^°) #Disneyland #personal
Paid all my bills and I’m broke again

Today is payday too.


It’s barely the 4th day of summer and I’m already tired of it. Please go away and bring back fall. I want Halloween and apple picking and lights to come back already!


Planning and saving and planning and saving!!! See you next year @disneyaulani !! #aulani #familyvacation #disney #personal
Pitaya Bowl for lunch! :3 #pitayabowl #organic #healthy #personal  (at Freshly Squeezed Juice Bar)
Can’t Forever 21 just take the same clothes they sell on the floor and make it into curvy girl sizes instead of just designing clothes they THINK we would like.

I would like the mannequin is wearing, in MY SIZE! Not what you think I should be wearing just because I’m bigger. 


I must take you home!!!! #cars #Disneyland #disneyside #vw #personal  (at Disneyland)
We get serious about CapriSun!!! #joaquindomingo #favoriteperson #delicious #personal
Went to the nursery with my Dad and bought new babies for the backyard! #gardening #nursery #flowers #personal
Squeezed in a quick 10 minute Just Dance workout tonight. Because 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes right? #personal
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